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Uncle Mikes – Sentinel Duty Belt

Uncle Mikes Law Enforcement Sentinel Duty Belt is designed for light to moderate duty, as well as for security, corrections, emergency and miscellaneous uses. This tactical belt can be used as a platform for all of your gear. UMLE Belt made of molded foam with a ballistic nylon outer shell. Tactical Duty Belt is as functional as it is durable. The Sentinel Duty Gear is built for agencies demanding quality without compromising their budget. Made of molded foam with a ballistic nylon outer shell, Sentinel is as functional as it is durable.

89064 Fitted Double Speedloader Case $17.95
89065 21” Expandable Baton Holder $13.95
89067 Standard Key Holder $6.95
89068 Single Handcuff Case $15.95
89069 Double Handcuff Case $18.45
89070 OC/Mace Pouch $12.95
89072 Double Latex Glove Holder $10.95
89073 Mini Flashlight Holder $16.95
89074 Stinger Light Holder $13.95
89075 Double Magazine Case Single Stack $16.45
89076 Double Mag Case – Glock 21 $16.45
89077 Double Mag Pouch – Glock 17 $16.45
89078 Baton Holder $5.95
89080 3⁄4” Belt Keepers (set of 4) $7.95

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Sentinel Duty Gear

Fitted Double Speedloader Case, 21” Expandable Baton Holder, Standard Key Holder, Single Handcuff Case, Double Handcuff Case, OC/Mace Pouch, OC/Mace Pouch, Double Latex Glove Holder, Mini Flashlight Holder, Stinger Light Holder, Double Magazine Case Single Stack, Double Mag Case – Glock 21, Double Mag Pouch – Glock 17, Baton Holder, 3⁄4” Belt Keepers (set of 4), Universal Radio Holder


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