Welcome to Hoosier Reloader, my name is Cory and I’m dedicated to furthering the shooting sport in central Indiana and around the United States. My main goal is to help my customers understand the rules regarding firearms and ammunition as well as being able to operate them in a safe manner.

You can reach me through the Hoosier Reloader social media pages with these links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google + or you can E-mail me at Sales@hoosierreloader.com.

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Some Legalese:

Payment Information: None of your person credit or debit card information will be saved or even held on this site. If you are an Indiana Resident you will pay Indiana Sales Taxes.

Shipping: I will retain your addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses for shipping and handling purposes.

Order Processing: All orders will be fulfilled by one of my vendors and the products will be shipped directly to you from one of them. If you are interested in items that you don’t see on this website let me know and I will find and get it for you, or I will find you a cheaper alternative.

Ordering Firearms Online: You can now purchase firearms from Hoosier Reloader. We finally have a Federal Firearms License! All firearm sales are final. NO RETURNS. Return to manufacturer for warranty service. Federal law requires firearms to be shipped to FFL Dealers. For an individual to receive a firearm from Hoosier Reloader LLC. it must be shipped to an FFL Dealer in your state or to the Hoosier Reloader Office, and a firearm transfer must be the actual transferee/buyer.

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  1. I am a military member and here in Indiana on orders; what do I need to buy a firearm through you? What is the FFL cost?

    Additionally, can you order specific firearms if I have an order?

    Also, are you able to get new springs and followers for GI AR-15 mags? Are you able to get Hexmags, and, if so, at what price?

    Lastly, I am interested in buying your .308 reloads; to you have a bulk price?

    • Joseph,

      You need your driver’s license and your orders to verify that it is legal for you to purchase a handgun in Indiana. I also need to ensure you are able to possess the firearm that you are interested in. I also offer discounts to Veterans, Active Duty Military Personnel, and First Responders. The normal discount is about 15%.

      I can order specific firearms for you. I try very hard to have access to as many firearms & accessories manufacturers as possible. I have reached out to Hexmag to check on the price of their magazines and other products when I have ascertained their prices I will add them to my website and provide you with a direct link to them. I can get the Magpul Enhanced Self-Leveling FollowerTM for the USGI Magazines.

      I do not currently reload 308 unfortunately, if this changes in the future you will know by checking the reloaded ammunition product page on my site. Here is a link for it Hoosier Reloaded Ammunition

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